My approach to therapy is deeply informed by my training as well as my years in the field. I trust wholly in the collaboration of therapist and client. In my experience, the strength of the therapeutic relationship is central to the success of the therapy. As a result, I value the client’s experience, feedback and contribution. 

I continue to train in a model called Comprehensive Resource Management (CRM), which is an approach to complex trauma that utilizes the naturally occurring resources and strengths of a client’s experience to heal him/her from their attachment disruptions and past traumatic experiences. I also continue to train in Imago therapy, which teaches couples and families active empathic listening as well as other skills to correct maladaptive relational patterns. 

I love this work because it provides a protected channel through which one can transform without shame or recrimination. More than ever, it feels vital to engender solidarity and trust with those who are increasingly marginalized in this volatile climate.