I have been in private practice for about ten years. Before and during my time in private practice I was the Clinical Director at Park Slope Center for Mental Health, a not for profit, community mental health center in Brooklyn. At PSCMH, I developed programming, supervised and trained therapists, and oversaw clinical operations of the organization. While at PSCMH, I worked extensively with individuals who were experiencing issues related to anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, psychosis, separation, divorce, sexuality and gender, addiction, self harming behaviors, and crisis.

I have also developed and taught courses on clinical work with LGBTQ populations as well as Suicidality and Risk Management. I have taught at NYU Silver School of Social Work and the Training Institute for Mental Health. 

I have completed training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at The Training Institute for Mental Health. I have also completed training in Couples and Family Therapy at The Minuchin Center for the Family. I have done additional trainings at The Ackerman Institute,  Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapies among others. 

I continue to supervise clinicians privately as well for the Institute for Human Identity.  

I continue to train in a model called Comprehensive Resource Management (CRM), which is an approach to complex trauma that utilizes the naturally occurring resources and strengths of a client’s experience to heal him/her from their attachment disruptions and past traumatic experiences. 

I also continue to train in Imago therapy, which teaches couples and families active empathic listening as well as other skills to correct maladaptive relational patterns.